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Royal Ball

The Royal Ball is a gathering of all Prince and Princesses, this event included:

*Ballroom dancing and ribbon parade

*A tea party with Alice and friends in fully decorated wonderland

*Meet and greet with over 10 princesses

*Pictures with Malificent and a 6ft dragon

*A 45min introductory and ending performance with that years themed princess

*A drawstring princess swag bag 

* Face painting and a princess passport that gets to be decorated at the event

....and more!


Superhero Celebration

The Superhero Celebration is a gathering of all superheroes from all galaxies this event included:

*Superhero Ninja warrior training

*A Science lab party with Dr.Villaneous in a fully decorated Mad Lab

*Meet and greet with over 10 Superheroes 

*Pictures with Batman and the Batmobile 

*A 45min introductory and ending fight performance with that years themed superhero

*A drawstring superhero swag bag 

* Face painting and a personalized comic book  that gets to be decorated at the event

....and more!

Minnesota Ice Mazes


Fairytale Adventures partnered with Minnesota Ice to bring you character events at the Annual Minnesota Ice Mazes with live reindeer !


Hospital Visits


Fairytale Adventures also partnered with Mayo Clinic and Children's Hospital to bring joy to the faces of children facing difficult and challenging health issues.

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